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Interior Services


  • Minor interior carpentry and repair to include installation of chair rail, crown moulding, baseboard and shadow boxes
  • Custom moulding and trim staining.
  • Minor drywall repair including holes, nail pops, and water damage
  • Removal of wallpaper
  • Plaster repair
  • Custom color applications

General Preparation Information 

There is no statement that rings more true when it comes to a quality paint job than “Preparation is the key.” There is much more involved in a quality paint job other than simply applying paint to surfaces. Proper preparation, planning, and products are the necessary tools to ensure a long lasting, durable paint job. The list below is meant to give a general basic idea of our approach to interior projects. Every interior project is different and requires different levels of preparations and coating systems.
Progressive Painting takes great care and pride in the interior preparation process; as a result homeowners can expect the most thorough, quality job. 
Preparation steps taken to ensure a quality job are:
All hardware, such as doorknobs, outlet covers, door hinges, strike plates, cabinet hardware, etc. are removed and carefully stored, or properly masked. All furniture in moved to the center of the room and covered with one-time use plastic drops. The perimeter of the room is covered with a paper and tape system. Remaining perimeters and other exposed areas are covered with clean drop cloths. All furniture is placed back in it original position at the end of each day upon request. We take all steps necessary to protect and respect your belongings. 
Once all belongings and surrounding areas are protected, the next phase is the wall and/or ceiling preparation. All sheetrock and/or plaster damage is repaired, i.e., patching nail holes, applying primer to all stains, and other minor wall imperfections. Any trim separations are caulked and sanded as needed (if applicable). 
•  The actual paint application process will begin once the above steps are completed. If you are not sure which type of finish you desire, please check our homeowner resource page to get more information about finishes, their appearances and the type of paint you will want to choose.