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About Us

Progressive Painting was established in Northern Virginia in the year 2000 by Thomas Privette and his wife Lindsay. They made the decision from the start that providing superior customer service and delivering the highest quality of workmanship was “key” to their small company’s establishment and success. Eight years later, they still attribute these two basic principles to why the large majority of their business comes from referrals and repeat customers. They have maintained their high standards and commitment to providing homeowners with a great painting project experience all around, the same as they would expect from a service provider as homeowners themselves. 

The founding principles of Progressive Painting may sound simple, but unfortunately are increasingly hard to find. This is true not only in the painting industry but general home improvement services as well. An alarming majority of homeowners can attest to this based simply on their own prior “bad” experiences with home improvement contractors. If a homeowner hasn’t encountered a “bad” experience themselves, they have likely heard more than one home improvement horror story from someone they know. It’s the challenges that homeowners can find themselves facing when starting the process of locating and hiring quality service providers that affirms Progressive Painting’s commitment and dedication to their approach.

If you believe that Progressive Painting would be a good match for your project, whether interior or exterior, please visit our estimate request page.


*Progressive Painting of Virginia, LLC services the Northern Virginia region exclusively. Progressive Painting, LLC services areas outside of State of Virginia.