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EstimateThank you for your interest in our company and services!

We kindly ask that you take a moment to review the following to gather an understanding of our policies, as well as assist you with determining if the aspects of your project are compatible with us prior to submitting your request.


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  • We schedule estimates Monday through Friday. We typically do not schedule weekend appointments; please see our FAQ section for further information about estimate scheduling.
  • Our project schedule is typically booked four to eight weeks in advance. If you are contacting us with a specific timeframe for completion, please specify that information in your request. This will help us determine whether to proceed with scheduling an estimate appointment or to notify you that we are not compatible based on our schedule and your project completion deadline.
  • We currently have a project minimum of $1,000.00. If you’d like more information, please visit the “about us”  page for more information.
  • We pride ourselves on meticulousness.  We believe that the utmost attention to detail is just one of the necessities to achieve a high quality job and outcome that homeowners can enjoy for years to come. This applies to both interior and exterior projects. High quality workmanship and premium products NEVERequate to cheap or low cost estimates/bids. Simply put, we are not a company that provides “low budget” painting services.
  • We respect that every homeowner has different circumstance which effect and determine the decision factors when interviewing and choosing companies for home service projects. We feel that providing this general information upfront is not only good business practice, but also helps homeowners avoid wasting their time on scheduling and being present for an estimate appointment with us if we aren’t a good match.